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Purposeful Academics

Learning Environment

The goal of our classrooms is to meet kids where they are

We offer grade-level learning alongside a group of peers, with one primary teacher up through 6th grade and rotating subject-specific voices from 7th grade and up!

The way homeschooling can work and feel on-the-go with Vine is meant to feel like freedom for the life of your student and family! Our unique blend of traditional academics mixed with the fine-tuning you, as the parent and primary educator, will bring to the table can breath life into learning again!

Our Education Department - comprised of homeschooling moms, former educators, and current Vine teachers, and led by our Directors of Education for elementary and upper grades - source curriculum that will allow for ease of transition whether learning in the classroom, on the couch... or at the beach!

Offering monthly lesson plans to our families that are easy to read, simple to navigate, and clear to understand is a primary focus of Vine. This allows us to think outside the box, looking at the learning concepts taking place and offering engaging ways to teach, whether on the worksheet or off.

Beloved curriculums with a faith-centered focus have been the goal at Vine, both in books and in culture. We hope you'll find your homeschool footing with us by your side!

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Our unique blend of classroom

And home-based learning maximizes academic achievement for children with varying temperaments and learning styles.


A pillar of our community is faith, and because of this, we begin the day with Bible (and the month with chapel)! This infuses a "God first in all things" environment that can carry our students well into adulthood. With monthly memory verses, character awards, and our formal Bible block in the classroom day, we're making disciples of each of the students at Vine!


Whether your student is math-brained or is a struggling math learner, our goal in academics is expressed clearly through our curriculums chosen. Math is the only subject so polarizing that we offer for students to test out, or into, their grade level in order to host them well. Parents can partner with Vine leaders and teachers in order to serve the level their students are at, creatively meeting the needs of the students in front of us!


In a hands-on, engaging way, our hope is to offer Science as a compelling way for our students to understand the world around them and the God above them. From on-campus experiments to hypothesizing and more, our on-campus Science goals are to make it all come alive. Hosting the messy, fun, humorous and gross in the classroom setting means that we are parents won't need to do it at home - double win!


Whether it's classically acclaimed or something less known, our goal with literature is to allow our kids to be exposed to different voices and writing styles. From 2nd grade forward, formal literature is assigned as well as tandem assignments to allow discussions for understanding, too. Our hope is for the students to know that reading can transport them, engage them, be enjoyable and imaginative - and that it's not just another box to check. Our assigned literature has been prayerfully sourced to pair well with the age of our students at every level!

Language Arts

Offering a robust language program for all grades - inclusive of writing, grammar, handwriting, spelling, phonetic work and more - gives students a solid foundation in what will become critical life skills for their adulthood. The practice work that comes from language lessons is not only beneficial for every age, but a priority for us here at Vine. Our language arts curriculum is set to take students from learning to read, to reading to learn - and each stepping stone in between!


Our beloved history curriculum gives a robust look at the foundations of our culture and nation. With an emphasis on a faith-fueled lens, students will learn about the history of America and who came before us, as well as intricacies about the states, other nations, and the world we're called to be a part of today.


Our thorough and consistent grammar curriculum builds on fundamental concepts year after year. These skills, often neglected in traditional programs, enhance student writing, enable more insightful editing and criticism of written work, and provide excellent preparation for standardized testing


Our "partner program" for enrichment opportunities is called VEO! For our elementary campus, students can opt to take an additional hour of classes at the end of their campus day once a week. For our 7th grade and up, we offer a third day block of class options, focusing on wholeness of the individual. Students can pick from classes like worship team, Biblical leadership, choir or drama, art and even kickboxing! We're thrilled to offer a more comprehensive look at appreciating so many sides on how to educate our young people.

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